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We are pleased to announce that we have an agreement with R V College of Engineering, Bangalore (RVCE) to jointly offer courses in Business Analytics and Data Science. Our training programs have been designed collaboratively by practicing data science practitioners and Professors of RVCE.
The courses are industry oriented, offer experiential learning and are comprehensive enough for learners to develop the right level of skills. College students have a choice of considering an optional internship program which meets University guidelines.

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Explore Courses

Explore Courses


All our Courses are offered On-Line. Advantages are:

  • Self Paced – Learn at your own pace
  • Flexible – Learn at your convenience 24 x 7
  • Affordable – Fees are a fraction of the cost of instructor led courses


  • Hands-on training for better learning and confidence building
  • Assignment based learning to improve: problem solving skills, innovative thinking and collaborative working
  • Case Studies to help you understand how concepts are applied in real life scenarios
  • Experience Sharing – practicing professionals share their knowledge and experience


The Digital Economy era has surely set in and is steadily evolving. Digitization of business processes is increasing and therefore, the ability to use data for better business insights and improved decision making, has become essential for any organization to succeed – big or small

Data Science therefore is a rapidly emerging field and acquiring skills in data science is a necessity for professionals in all functional areas of business.

What is Data Science? Data Science combines statistics & mathematics, programming and business knowledge to extract meaningful insights from raw data using software tools, algorithms & machine learning techniques.

Data science can extract hidden patterns to support better decision making by analyzing unstructured & structured large volumes of data that is readily available in all industries in this digital age.


Customer engagement, agility and informed decision making are critical success factors for all organizations. Analytics enables companies to optimize, grow and create value for its stakeholders. It helps organizations to effectively assess business performance, evaluate emerging opportunities, make right decisions and align the business with changing customer needs. To manage business analytics successfully, organisations must have a robust analytics strategy and personnel with requisite skills; to treat data as a strategic asset and extract insights from data for decision making. Typically the tasks involved are:

  • Data Manipulation i.e. organizing, arranging and summarizing.
  • Presenting information with visualization techniques.
  • Data analysis with statistical algorithms to analyze information for deeper insights.


Career Prospects

Since data science is an emerging field there will be a huge demand for data science professionals in the next few years. Due to this demand supply gap salary levels for data scientists are higher. With our training programs, professionals from other fields can consider switching their careers.

Skill Development

Analytic Skills

The ability to analyze and make informed decisions is essential to succeed in industry. Hence, professionals in any function such as marketing finance or operations can enhance their capabilities with knowledge of data science.

Strategic Thinking

The ability to sift through large volumes of data, analyze them to detect patterns and gain better insights, improves problem solving skills and helps develop strategic thinking which is important for career growth


Kaalp Consulting has been founded by professionals with extensive experience in consulting, general management, HR and IT Services in international and multicultural business environments across several industry sectors.

79/3A Sunny Brooks, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore 560035


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