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Leadership Development

Coaching is essentially about mindset shift and change that the Coachee aspires. We work with our clients to create awareness about his/her purpose, values, strengths and possible areas of development and assist them to go through a self-discovery process, which helps them in deeply assessing their underlying beliefs and abilities that can help them realize their full potential.

The coaching journey helps clients to have a deeper and better understanding of themselves, perceive people around them differently and therefore build more productive connections with people, which helps in improving individual and team performance. Other ways that coaching ads value is that clients are able to harness their capabilities better, find more effective ways to respond and succeed in achieving what they want to do.

We build a strong connect with clients, which inspires and motivates them to explore their creativity, unlock their untapped potential and deepen their commitment for transformational change. We facilitate clients to enhance their strategic thinking abilities, influencing skills and emotional intelligence to become truly effective leaders.

Team Performance

Ongoing training and skill development is essential for organizations to succeed. Our training programs are aimed at helping managers to acquire new skill sets that are needed for organisations to grow profitably and maintain their competitive edge.

Organizational Performance

In essence we assist clients in achieving sustainable growth and profitability. Our philosophy is to collaborate and closely partner with client companies in devising solutions that are simple yet effective by harnessing the full potential of their people and processes. We work with companies in business transformation and equip their leadership teams to manage the transition smoothly.We help our clients achieve their desired goals by essentially bringing about the desired change in their leaders.We coach their leadership teams to establish a shared vision, bring about a mindset change, improve team cohesiveness, help leaders develop the required skills and assist them to manage the change effectively, for sustained performance improvements.


Our extensive industry experience helps deliver sustainable value and results.

While practice of using mentors, guides existed for long; executive coaching in its current form has a shorter history of around 15-20 years.


Get in-context advice from our experts about your most pressing issues or areas of interest

We have assisted companies in developing their leadership talent pool. We have run several development centers to help executives identify areas for improving their skills and design their individual development plans and taking up appropriate training programs. We have conducted training programs on leadership effectiveness, team building, influencing skills and business analytics…


Kaalp Consulting has been founded by professionals with extensive experience in consulting, general management, HR and IT Services in international and multicultural business environments across several industry sectors.

79/3A Sunny Brooks, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore 560035


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