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  • 79/3A Sunny Brooks, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore 560035
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Increasingly dynamic and complex business environments is heightening the need for high performing leaders in organisations. Expectations from executives to meet strategic business objectives and deliver results within tight budgets and timelines are making their jobs ever more demanding.

We offer executive coaching to our clients’ leadership teams to be better prepared to address these business challenges. Coaching helps executives cope with these demands, calibrate strategy, leverage their inner potential and develop the capability needed to become better leaders.


  • Specifically tailored for each individual
  • Holistic self-improvement
  • Reinvent yourself – create new identities and new futures
  • Result oriented, time bound and measurable


Kaalp Consulting has been founded by professionals with extensive experience in consulting, general management, HR and IT Services in international and multicultural business environments across several industry sectors.

79/3A Sunny Brooks, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore 560035


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